We recenly hosted a new event called ‘Asking For A Friend’. This particular session focused on how we can be more equipped to support friends and loved ones who have experienced a miscarriage. If you missed it, we hope that you find the below summary useful.

LOVED aims to create an environment where baby loss can be talked about in a supportive and caring way. It seeks to raise awareness of the issues surrounding miscarriage and the impact of this experience on those for whom this is part of their story.

With guests joining us from across the UK on Zoom, this was a conversational style event led by Jenny Baines – consultant for OPEN. Hannah and Michelle (members of the CARE team) reflect on the Asking For A Friend session.


I really enjoyed participating in this event. Jenny led the session with compassion and wisdom and shared really practical advice on how to support those suffering miscarriages – especially around the words we use and the questions we ask. One really simple piece of advice that I will take away is to make a note of baby’s due date so that I can support the parents on that date especially. Thank you for giving us the space to dig deeper.


Joining the session, I was so encouraged by the fact that small acts of recognition and support can make a big difference. We don’t need to have complex responses prepared, we need to be there to listen and to comfort.

One key take away from the session was that miscarriage also affects men and their experience is very real and valid. It’s important to remember that men and women often express and process grief in different ways. Not only that, but communication styles may also differ and its important to take this into consideration when offering support. Remembering to reach out to both parties will make a big difference.

We hope to run more lunchtime sessions in the coming weeks and months. Visit the OPEN website for more information on up and coming events, training days, retreats and resources. OPEN also host more indepth sessions and training days for those who would like to go further in their understanding of this area.

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