We recenly hosted a new event called Asking For A Friend. This particular session focused on how we can be more equipped to support friends and loved ones who are struggling following an abortion. If you missed it, we hope that you find the below summary useful.

OPEN aims to create an environment within churches where unintended pregnancy and post abortion concerns can be shared with grace and compassionate understanding, and to develop support for those who have experienced miscarriage. OPEN offers resources and training which will give practical tools to friends, church leaders and pastoral workers, and help those affected by these issues to address their concerns in a safe and confidential setting.

With guests joining us from accross the UK on Zoom, this was a conversational style event led by Jenny Baines – consultant for OPEN. Read below Michelle’s reflections on the Asking For A Friend session.


Jenny led this session with so much compassion and wisdom. The Powerpoint resources were certainly a helpful tool to leave with, it was interesting looking at how head decisions and heart decisions can have such a huge bearing on the choices someone makes. I’d be keen to learn more about this on one of the longer training days. Thank you too to the guest who was willing to share her own experience of abortion with such openess and honesty.

The session was full of people who are passionate about learning how to support people well, and that was certainly felt with the group we had, even over Zoom! A kind and encouraging group of people coming together to learn and grow.

Here’s what our attendees said

“Nice balance between the speakers and good proportion of slides. Lots of kindness. A calm and peaceful time even talking about a painful subject.”

“Brilliant! So encouraging to hear about the ongoing Christian crisis pregnancy and post abortion work being done. Thank you! And praise God for Zoom – what a helpful way to spend a lunch-hour! Thanks for all the work that went into it – packed full of so much good stuff.”

We hope to run more lunchtime sessions in the coming weeks and months. Visit the OPEN website for more information on up and coming events, training days, retreats and resources. OPEN also host more indepth sessions and training days for those who would like to grow further in their understanding of this area.

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