‘Loved’ Healing Day

Six ladies who attended the Loved healing day last October, met together over a delicious brunch, and shared ideas of how to make these days available all over the UK.Yorkshire and Derbyshire are next on our horizons! We are so encouraged by continued positive feedback from these days. Following a retreat in June, Alison wrote:

‘Yesterday I attended a miscarriage retreat. I met the most beautiful people. We cried, laughed, reflected, listened and shared. We ate some gorgeous food and drank tea. It was so healing to spend time with other people who understand, who didn’t judge me, who feel and understood my sadness, fear and loneliness. We talked about our babies, our experiences and feelings.

We prayed. We shared a beautiful, intimate service of remembrance and farewell. I miss Baby B so much and our 2nd lost baby who “should” have been arriving next month. It was hard but somehow the retreat has helped to make the pain in my heart feel a little lighter. Our babies are safe in God’s hands until the day we will be reunited in heaven. Until then I will cherish my beautiful son and loving husband. I recommend these retreats’. The next retreat is in October.